Six Satinspar Stone Pin with Stanhope Barrel
Six Satinspar Stone Pin with Stanhope Barrel

Niagara Falls Six Stone Figural Barrel Pin with Niagara Stanhope Viewer

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Niagara Falls Six Stone Figural Barrel Pin with 6 Views of Niagara Falls Stanhope
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This figural hanging barrel stanhope pin is made of satin spar, a variety of feldspar(a close relative of selenite or gypsum). The six stones on the gold pin are glass or white tiger eye and compliment the satin spar. The satin spar barrel has a look that is sometimes mistaken for a white tiger eye. The stanhope barrel is wrapped around the center with a flat 14k gold band and is embellished at the top by a gold cup. It is slightly yellowed with patina. The setting itself is gold filled or plated. the cups of the brooch look like little flowers and house four of the stones. two other stones that hang along a gold chain. The pin measures 1 9/16" across, 1 7/8" tall and weighs 5.6 grams. The barrel is 7/16" across and 3/8" wide. The stanhope viewer in the center of barrel boasts six individual views of Niagara Falls. The stanhope is marked with the distributors name, R & CO. The main title is SOUVENIR OF NIAGARA FALLS and each individual picture is titled as follows:

     GENERAL WIEWS(misspelled on the view)

This stanhope view is in excellent condition showing all the views in a clear and bold manner.

Some interesting Satin spar facts for those want more information.
As mentioned above satin and feldspar are close relatives to selenite and gypsum. It is also referred to as "fiber optic stone" or Niagara stone. This material was locally found and gathered in the Niagara falls area by residents as early as the Native Indians. From this collected material many souvenirs such as stick pins, brooches, pendants, watch fobs and charms were made and sold as souvenirs in this area beginning about 1880 and continuing through to about 1930. Satin spar has a hardness rating of 2 on the Mohs scale. Which means it is very soft, thus the reason satin spar jewelry is rarely made today.