22mm (7/8") Scalloped Circle MK-VR Microdot Camera Film Disc Punch

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Punch the perfect 22mm diameter scalloped circle film disc for use with CIA MK-VR and MK-!V microdot spy cameras. Also fits some KGB microdot cameras.
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24mm  Circle Film Punch for microdot cameras.

Use this punch to cut easy to load film discs for your MK microdot camera. Each 22mm diameter disc holds 11 exposures or frames. This is the easiest punch to operate because it is extremely sharp and well made. Punching is executed by pressing the lever with your hand. Very little pressure is required to cut even thicker based films. We have also cut multiple discs simultaneously using this punch. Because it's a bit smaller than the 24mm &25mm punches, the 22mm disc is much easier to load in the camera without binding and it is easily removed from the camera as well. This is the best quality punch we've found to date. Each one is new but we test every one by punching a disc or two to make sure they work as expected. This size and shape punch was discontinued by the manufacturer so stock up while supplies last. Made in Taiwan.

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