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Our site is 100% dedicated to stanhope lenses. We provide a comprehensive history and other important info that can't be found anywhere else. We are also the worlds leading producer of today's highest quality stanhope lenses and other microphotographic image products including collectible Microscope image slides. Additionally, we offer our same high quality images on conventional archival quality microfilm for document filming. Whether you're a collector or just looking for that Special Gift, we have something for everyone.

Stanhope MicroWorks is a new company with an old history. Self-contained microphotos date to the late 1850's but have not been produced conventionally since the 1970's. Found in an infinite variety of objects; charms, canes, pocketknives etc. Subjects range from worldsfairs and tourist attractions to saints & sinners.
The MicroWorks evolved after years of research & collaboration in order to re-introduce Stanhopes. Our new lenses combine the best of both worlds - traditional components & new technology. This synthesis preserves the fascination of the early lenses along with crystal clear resolution of the microphotos. It allows true customization as far as subject matter and holder.
Single items such as a family portrait in a ring is as possible as advertising or collectibles by the hundreds. Stanhope MicroWorks has both, a stock of photos as well as objects to hold them. We are able to mount any microphoto in almost any object of personal choice.

Repair & Restoration.........We provide expert repair & restoration services for antique stanhopes. All of the restoration work that we do
is precisely executed with attention to 'historic
correctness' being our primary goal. As each restoration is unique due to the component nature of the stanhope itself, please contact us for more information as it pertains to your item(s).

History & Museum........Our SMW Library & Archives possesses one of the most comprehensive selections of information pertaining to microphotography & stanhopes. Since 1984, Museum Curator and Stanhope Historian, Michael Sheibley, has painstakingly researched, compiled & cataloged the material found in our library. Michael has assembled a large & diverse collection of stanhope items, many of which are featured in our Museum.

In the Store you'll find all of our micro-image products as well as a complete department loaded with useful & collectible items to mount your stanhope in. Our store is uniquely designed to allow you to completely customize any product & you can even send us your own favorite photo or other image right from your computer when you order! Our technicians are always happy to aid you in the design and layout of your own stanhope image or item. We provide you with everything you need...........and the possibilities are Limitless!
 Antique Stanhopes

ATTENTION COLLECTORS! There are many Antique Stanhopes available in
our store. All of the items in this department are the output of previous
producers who no longer exist and you will find examples spanning a period from
about 1860 to 1970. Some of them are among the more common items that were
abundantly produced while others are considered to be quite rare pieces.

Stanhope MicroWorks is
dedicated to maintaining the value of Vintage Stanhopes in the interest of

For more information please contact us.
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