Music Musician and Composer Stanhope PenPeeps

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Selection of Famous Composers & Iconic Musicians
Select from early music themes including composers, musicians, and even the famous Italian violin maker Antonio Stradivari. Select from plated finishes for your PenPeep. The layouts are all conveniently listed below.

Each PenPeep comes complete & includes one male threaded end that contains the permanently mounted stanhope lens. You also receive three female threaded ends of varying lengths so you can easily fit them in any product or item having a thickness of 8mm - 20mm.

Available in three quality plated finishes including Gold, Chrome & Black Titanium (Gunmetal)

The layouts are all conveniently listed below. CLICK HERE to see the installation instructions.

For more information or immediate assistance call us at 717.796.9000 or Contact Us by email Musician PenPeep Image Choices

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