Eight Stone Pin From Niagara Falls New, York
Eight Stone Pin From Niagara Falls New, York

Satin Spar Stone Brooch with Niagara Stanhope Viewer

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Satin Spar Stone Brooch with Niagara Falls Stanhope
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This golden brooch has seven smaller stones and one larger stanhope globe made of satin spar. Satin spar has a shiny glimmering effect that looks like, and is often mistaken for, a white tiger-eye. Unfortunately, the photos don't capture this very well and the pin is much more beautiful in person. It even flashes in the lowest light. It has been well preserved and is in very nice condition. The four stones on the body of the pin are cabochons mounted within dainty golden flower-like cups. The three round spherical stones that hang below the pin and the large stanhope globe below them all have eight pointed star cups adorning the top. The larger globe charm is encircled by a flat 14k gold wire. This stanhope pin measures 1 9/16" across, 1/3/8" tall and weighs 5.5 grams. The stanhope viewer in the large globe shows six separate photos of Niagara Falls. The view is titled SOUVENIR OF THE NIAGARA FALLS and is easily seen above this bold and clear view. The views are titled individually as follows:


Here are more Interesting Satin Spar Facts:
Satin spar is a type of feldspar that is closely related to selenite and gypsum and was once mined in the Niagara falls area. It was said to be gathered by the native Indians and traded for goods are far south as Mexico. It was valued as a stone with healing capabilities. In the late 19th and early 20th century this collected mineral was used to make stanhope souvenirs for tourist of the Niagara Falls Region. This stone material is also called Niagara Stone or "fiber optic stone". This type of souvenir was sold in many tourist spots in the form of brooches, watch fobs, stick pins, hat pins, pendants and other items mostly in the shape of a barrel, but with some exceptions such as this.

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