Antique Stanhope Mechanical Pencil / Pen Combination
Antique Stanhope Mechanical Pencil / Pen Combination

Antique Bone Retracting Dip Pen & Pencil Combination Writing Tool with Stanhope Lens

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Antique Bone Retracting Dip Pen & Pencil Combination Writing Tool with Stanhope Lens Views of Boston UK Suffolk County
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This is a fabulous antique stanhope writing implement that is in remarkable condition. It is a combination multi-tool dip pen and mechanical lead pencil, both of which are retractable. A product of mid-Victorian times and made in France, it is beautifully crafted of bone which has been meticulously worked and turned. The bone is in perfect condition and displays beautiful pores and patina. The metal shotgun type ball slides are used to expose and retract both the pen nib mount and pencil mechanism. The pencil mechanism then turns to propel and advance the pencil lead. The lead is present and the mechanism is in great working order. All of the metal parts including the slides and ferrules on each end are made of silver-plated brass. It is  easy to see that this writing tool received a fair amount of careful and loving use. The user probably wrote more with the pencil than the pen as is evident by the silver-plate wear pattern on this piece. The nib is not present, but it is an easy piece to find these days if one would desire to add it. The stanhope is housed in a brass tube near the middle of the device and it too is in immaculate condition and crystal clear. The image shows 4-views of Boston Lincolnshire in Suffolk England. The stanhope microphoto image is quite small in comparison to most. This is usually a sign of a very early stanhope. The photographic quality is also worth mention of it's merit and something to admire. It is certainly rare to find bone from this era with no cracks or other damage. This piece is an unusual and considerably rare find all the way around. This would positively make a great addition to any pen, pencil, souvenir, stanhope or other collection. It could also be used and cherished as it obviously had been in the past. The stanhope lens is titled "A Memory of Boston" and marked "McKee Dublin". the individual photos are titled as follows:

The Church Exterior
Shodfriars Hall
The Wesleyan Chapel
The Church Interior

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