Stanhope Needle Case & Sewing Tape Combination Tool

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Stanhope Sewing Tape Measure & Needle Etui Combo Views of Eastbourne
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Stanhope Needle Case & Sewing Tape Combination Tool is made circa 1885-1900 of turned bone and coquilla nut. The coquilla nut is the butterscotch colored material that makes up the needlecase and the body of the tape measure. The lighter ivory colored turned bone pieces include the tape winder, tape stop ring and the finial on the end. It is in beautiful condition all the way around. all of the threading is clean and works great. Please see the photos to see how it unscrews to receive sewing needles and pins. The stanhope image is in excellent condition and very clear and easy to see. It is a 6-view image showing views of Eastbourne England. The image layout is interesting in that it is not of any of the typical "McKee Dublin" styles. The main title is found at the bottom of the images and reads "SOUVENIR OF EASTBOURNE" and has a tiny "412" as well. It is marked "MADE IN FRANCE' along the top. The six individually titled photos are above the main title and read as follows:

Pevensey Castle
Hurstmongeuex Castle
Grand Parade (this title is centered between the 2 center-most views)
The Pier

Eastbourne England has long been a fashionable seaside resort drawing tourists that tourists visit to see it's magnificent white chalk cliffs along the south coast of England. Eastbourne, located in East Sussex County, was a town developement project of William Cavendish, Duke of Devonshire and was established about 1860.

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