19th Century Carved Stanhope Cross with 16 Renaissance views

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19th Century Carved Stanhope Cross with 16 views of Madonna, Christ and other important religious figures.
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This intricately carved red bone cross made in the late 19th century, is secretly hiding 16 views of the Madonna, Christ and other religious figures in it stanhope 'peekhole'. They are microscopic reproductions that include the biblical inspired works of renaissance painters and early artists. Though we have not identified each individual image, one appears to be artist Fra Angelico's 1433 painting of Christ's crucifixion. This timeless piece of history is in pristine condition and is a collector's dream to own. A great piece of religious history for any art or other collectors. The cross has a small hole in top so that one could attach a  jump ring or bail thus allowing it to be worn as a pendant or easily added to any rosary.

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