Rare Binocular Stanhope by Dagron & Cie Paris
Rare Binocular Stanhope by Dagron & Cie Paris

1870's Gold Binocular Stanhope Portrait Charm by Rene Dagron Paris Photographie Microscopique

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Very nice condition antique gold binocular charm by Rene Dagron Paris has two stanhopes, each showing a Victorian Era portrait. Dagron is credited with first inventing and patenting the stanhope lens. The charm is unmarked and has not been tested but appears to be at least 14k. This is a very well kept piece with some imperceptible superficial fine scratches that can only be seen in the close up photos. There are no dent's or dings or other maladies. The stanhope lenses are of the expected highest quality and both are in great condition as well with no bubbles or crackling. This is a rare piece to find, especially in this condition. The microphotograph portraits are that of a man in one stanhope and a woman in the other. We cannot recognize or determine who they are. The only markings are at the bottom of the photos which read "DAGRON & Cie  PARIS". The photos also have a thin line border surrounding them. The man and woman appear to be about the same age so perhaps they were a couple or somehow related but this only speculation and based on wondrous imagination rather than credible information. It does add intrigue to this somewhat mysterious and rare Dagron example. It would be a top piece in any stanhope collection.

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