Antique Ten Commandments & Moses Stanhope
Antique Ten Commandments & Moses Stanhope

Turned Bone Monocular Charm with Ten Commandments Stanhope

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Turned Bone Monocular Charm with Ten Commandments Stanhope Lens
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This miniature figural bone monocular stanhope charm has been turned from bone. A golden metal eyelet and split ring are found toward the top of the monocular. This stanhope charm could be easily attached to a bracelet or necklace if so desired. It is in excellent condition with no damage and only little patina. The stanhope monocular charm measures 3/4" long and  5/16" wide.  The stanhope peep microphoto is viewed by looking into the ocular whereby the tiny image of the Ten Commandments can be easily seen. The view shows Moses with one hand up to sky and the other arm is holding a stone tablet with The Ten Commandments written out below it.  the  The view is also titled at the top "The Ten Commandments". The image is quite small by comparison to other stanhopes and the text is amongst the smallest and finest. Weight 1.1 gr. A great stanhope in excellent condition to wear or collect.

Many "Ten Commandments" monocular charms were made in the late 19th and early 20th century. Most of those contain one of two Ten Commandments images. The image in this monocular is neither of those and it is not typical or very common.

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