Iridescent Aurora Borealis Lord's Prayer Stanhope Cross
Iridescent Aurora Borealis Lord's Prayer Stanhope Cross

Aurora Borealis Iridescent Crystal Golden Ribbon Stanhope Cross

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Iridescent Aurora Borealis Golden Ribbon Stanhope Cross
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This beautifully ornate golden metal stanhope cross shows a nice clear view of the Lord's Prayer. You can see every imaginable color sparkle as the iridescent Aurora Borealis rhinestones shimmer and play in the light. The gold-tone mounting is a design that is reminiscent of "Angel Wings" to further enhance this wonderful pendant. This lovely cross is rare in comparison and is ready to wear or it would make an excellent addition to any collection. There are 9 lovely iridescent rhinestones mounted in a flat folded ribbon. Made in France circa 1960's as marked inside the stanhope.

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