Violin Bow by Otto A Hoyer Pariser Germany circa 1900

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Violin Bow Otto A Hoyer Pariser Germany
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This is a beautiful and completely original violin bow by one of Germany's finest Master bowmakers Otto A Hoyer, Markneukirchen, Germany. He is known as Otto A Hoyer Pariser or "The Parisian Hoyer" as he had worked in the shop of Paris' most renowned bowmaker Sartory. There it seems that he was primarily though not exclusively involved with the making of the frog or ebony portion of these very highly esteemed bows.
This bow is not only rare, but it has come down to us in original mint condition & shows no sign of playing or use whatsoever. We recently acquired this bow and others from a fine collection in the US where they have been since the time of their import. The round stick is of the highest quality pernambuco wood and is it is adorned with an ebony and sterling silver frog. Sterling silver was used on high quality bows of the time whereas nickle was preferred for lesser quality sticks. The great bowmakers of the time used stanhopes to help identify those works of highest quality and this small novelty item nearly doubled the price of the bow in many cases while further assuring the highest quality of skill & materials. The stanhope shows an image of Master Hoyer in his workshop & is titled "OTTO A HOYER PARISER". It is set neatly in the center of the mother of pearl eye. One of the eyes is partly missing.

If you are interested in obtaining a stanhope bow like this example that has been sold, ask to be put on the waiting list.

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