Stanhope Violin Bow by Otto A Hoyer Pariser Germany Rare Picture-Bow

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Stanhope Picture Violin Bow made by Otto A Hoyer Pariser Germany
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This is a seldom and completely original violin bow made by one of Germany's finest 20th century master bow-makers Otto A Hoyer, Markneukirchen, Germany. He was known worldwide as Otto Hoyer Pariser or "The Parisian Hoyer". This name or "hausname" came to be as he had worked in the shop of Paris' most renowned bowmaker Sartory. His work there was primarily, but with some exception, producing of the frog or ebony portion of these very highly esteemed bows. After returning to Markneukirchen from Paris, he continued to make exquisite quality bows using various stamps and brands. Some of his finest bows included exact copies of famous french bowmakers like Peccatte and Sartory, his former employers. These bows were sometimes branded with the French name as well.
This bow is not only rare, but it has come down to us in quit original condition & has been affected by little other than time. This bow was acquired by us many years ago and stems from a fine collection in the US where it had been since the time of it's import. The octagonal stick is of the highest quality pernambuco wood and is it is adorned with an ebony and presumably sterling silver frog. It is a Peccatte based model and half mounted meaning it lacks the metal heel-plate found on other bows. The mother of pearl slide is very colorful and longer than typical. The great bowmakers of the past used stanhopes to help identify their highest quality bows. The addition of the small novelty stanhope nearly doubled the price of the bow in most cases while at the same time assuring the player the highest quality of skill & materials. The stanhope image in this bow is not very clear due to the balsam seal having been compromised. It is a good candidate for restoration if one should so desire. The picture shows an image of Master Hoyer in his workshop & is titled "OTTO A HOYER PARISER". The stick is stamped "Otto A Hoyer Pariser on the stick and "upside down" in the style of the French makers. The frog is also branded or stamped "HP" in the typical pre-war East German fashion. It is set neatly in the center of a silver eye. The 3 part divided button appears slightly misaligned,and was probably the result a hasty glue repair. This too could be easily remedied by a professional.

If you are interested in acquiring a stanhope bow. Please contact us to be put on our waiting list. We also occasionally have other German and French stanhope picture bows from makers like Franz Albert Nurnberger II, Jean Baptiste Vuillaume, Simon, Pecatte and others.

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