Commemorative Civil War Stanhope Bullet
Commemorative Civil War Stanhope Bullet

Antique Civil War Bullet with Antietem Stanhope Viewer

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Civil War Bullet with Antietam National Cemetary Stanhope
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This civil war stanhope commemorative bullet was a tourist souvenir that could be purchased at Antietem from the end of the Civil War (circa 1870) through the early 1900's. The bullet, or mini-ball is very round and squatted unlike the usual pointed .58 caliber bullets that ae more common to find. The bullet measures approximately 3/4" wide by 5/8" tall. The stanhope clearly shows a microscopic photo of the national cemetery in Antietam, Maryland. Pictured are the monument surrounded by several grave markers. The stanhope is titled NATIONAL CEMETERY, ANTIETAM, MD and it's also marked MADE IN FRANCE along the right side of the view. The stanhope is clear and easily read.

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