Carved Wooden Edelweiss Bookmark Letter Opener with Stanhope

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Carved Wooden Breedene Stanhope Edelweiss Bookmark/Letter Opener
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This carved wooden bookmark/letter opener is a circa 1930's piece. It has a carved figural edelweiss flower from the Swiss Alps region. The letter opener or paper knife measures 4 1/8" long and 1 1/4" wide. The stanhope viewer is found in the center of the edelweiss flower. The photo has two views. The views are titled

BREEDENE s/MER at the bottom under the view
RUSTOORD ON VOLK- the top view is a chateau known as the "People's Hotel"
AVENUE WILSENAER- the bottom view is a view of the street with a church..

The view is bold and clear with a few small scratches that do not affect the view. There are some very small chips along sides on the edge, otherwise near perfect condition.

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