US Capitol Charm Solid Sterling Silver
US Capitol Charm Solid Sterling Silver

Early Sterling Silver Washington US Capitol Charm Stanhope

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1940's Sterling Silver Washington DC US Capitol Charm with Stanhope Lens view of President George Washington made in France
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US Capitol Building Charm made of solid Sterling Silver circa 1940 has a stanhope lens view of US founding father and first US President George Washington. This charm is in very nice condition and the design incorporates a lot of detail that later US Capitol charms don't have. Most later charms are hollow as well, whereas this charm is solid sterling. It weighs 3.7 grams and measures 18mm x 8mm x 21mm. Another deviation from the norm is the placement of the stanhope lens which is sideways through the Capitol Rotunda. In other Capitol charms the lens is usually placed vertically through the flat section of the roof. The stanhope image is a very nice view of George Washington. It is not titled but is marked "Made in France" at the bottom of the microphoto. Both the charm and the stanhope view are in tip-top condition making this a great piece to collect or add to a vintage charm bracelet.

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