Stanhope corkscrew ready for use
Stanhope corkscrew ready for use

Double Helix Bone Corkscrew with Stanhope Viewer Queen of Norway

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Double Helix Bone Corkscrew with Dronning Maud Stanhope
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A very nice 1895-1905 bone handle corkscrew opener features a stanhope peep hole view in the handle. The handle is threaded to receive the corkscrew for storage or when not in use. The threads work and the plated metal screw screws in nicely. There is some plating missing from the corkscrew and some minor rust to the carbon steel. This is a hand-forged corkscrew of the more celebrated double helix type. The overall workmanship is very fine. The bone handle has some fissures near the enclosure and along the length. They may appear as cracks but they are the natural inclusions that occur in bone as it dries. Please see the photos.When closed the corkscrew measures 3 1/4" long. The stanhope lens view is a bold & clear look at "DRONNING MAUD'. Dronning Maud of Wales (1869-1938) became Princess of Denmark and subsequently Queen of Norway in 1905. There is no bubbling or crackling and the photo is easy to see. This antique bone handle corkscrew is in fine original condition bearing no damage or repairs. This item is one that we consider reasonably rare. Champagne pattern corkscrew knives are more common than single purpose corkscrews. The stanhope view is tilted DRONNING MAUD at the bottom of the view. The vintage photo shows the Dronning Maud, Queen of Norway, seated on a chair in her lingerie with a fur stole over her shoulders.

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