2016 Political "Learned Pig" Stanhope - Donald Trump
2016 Political "Learned Pig" Stanhope - Donald Trump

2016 US Presidential Republican Candidate Donald Trump Stanhope Political Pig

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2016 Republican US Presidential Candidate Donald Trump Political "Learned Pig" Stanhope. Look in the Pig's Butt to see Your Next President.
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Donald Trump Political Pig Stanhope CharmDonald Trump Pigs.... On Sale NOW!  ONLY $99

Political Pig charm with stanhope photo of 2016 Presidential Republican Candidate Donald J Trump. Just look in the pig's rear end to see the crystal clear image of "Our Next President"! Our "Learned Pigs" are 24k Gold plated and engraved '2016' on the side. In a year that has polarized our country more than any election in US history, the 2016 pigs are sure to be one of the most collectible political souvenir commemorative pieces you can own. They are a great gift item for just about anybody. Put them on a key-ring, wear it as a pendant on a necklace or charm bracelet, or just collect them. Beautifully polished rich gold plated finish. Don't wait, buy them both and save!

HISTORY FACT: Did you know the political pigs were common during 1872 through 1912 for both Republican and Democratic Presidential Candidates. Often times the pigs were referred to as 'learned' pigs, since all one had to do was peep inside the pig's rear end to see the pig's predicted presidential winner. These early political pigs are now highly sought after by collectors and most often fetch prices from $300 to $1,000 per pig depending on the image. They ceased to exist after McKinley and were not again made until 2008. Following in the footsteps (or hoof marks) of their predecessors, our 2016 political stanhope pigs are sure to become one of the most sought after political collectors items as they are made in very limited quantities.

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