PenPeep Installation is Quick and Easy.Installing a Stanhope PenPeep

Installation Instructions and Helpful Tips

Your stanhope Pen Peep can be installed in a finished pen or you can prepare your pen blanks for the stanhope before turning. The area you select to place the stanhope should be free of interior pen parts, including the retracted refill.

Preparing A Finished Pen for Stanhope Installation
To prepare a finished or existing pen for stanhope installation, Drill a 5mm hole all the way through the pen barrel and tube. Use a V block or other fixture to secure the pen. Drill all the way through the pen diameter and out the other side. See figure A. The pen is now ready to install the stanhope.

Preparing a Pen Barrel before turning for stanhope installation
Begin turning the blank that will receive the stanhope. Turn it straight (cylindrical) and leave it over-sized for the moment. Remove the turned barrel from the mandrel and place it in a V block. Drill a 5mm hole all the way through the pen barrel and tube. Drill all the way through the diameter and out the other side. See figure B. Place the drilled blank back on the mandrel; turn and finish your pen according to the pen kit instructions. The pen is now ready to install the stanhope.

Installing Your Stanhope Pen Peep
Your Pen Peep kit is supplied with one short threaded piece that contains the stanhope microview and three smooth pieces of varying lengths. The smooth pieces have threads on the inside to mate with the threaded piece. Only one of the smooth pieces will be used. Select the size that best fits the finished pen diameter. (Short 8 12mm, Medium 12 16mm, Long 16 20mm)

Notice that one of the ends of the stanhope lens protrudes slightly beyond the threads. Be careful when assembling the two pieces as to avoid scratching or damage. Avoid touching the lens with your fingers or other objects. Push the selected smooth piece through the hole until the flange meets the pen barrel. Next, push the threaded piece into the opposing hole. While holding the smooth piece, gently twist the threaded piece into the smooth one using your fingers. Hand tighten it allowing a little space between the flange and the barrel. Occasionally look into the hole of the threaded piece to orient the photo.

Push the flange of the threaded piece against the pen barrel. Final tightening is done by turning the smooth piece, while holding the threaded piece once it is oriented. Use the included Allen wrench(s) for final tightening. DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN. The stanhope assembly is now complete and installed. A drop of glue (NOT Cyanoacrylate!) can be placed on the male threads before final assembly for a permanent mount .

Penn State Industries sells an installation accessory kit. Though no special tools are actually required. This kit is helpful and gives you everything you'll need.
PenPeep Accessory Kit #PKSHASET contains:
(1) 5mm diameter drill bit (1) 5.6mm countersink diameter drill bit (2) Allen Wrench 9/64 inch

 Coming Soon!  Watch the PenPeep Installation Video

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