Stanhope MicroWorks is proud to announce the opening of our new & improved website and online store. Look for the opening of the Stanhope Museum in the very near future.


supernova riot

Date 12/27/2016

I love the old vintage and antique stanhopes but I'm so excited to see that I can have custom stanhopes made from my photographs. I plan to do all of my gift shopping at Stanhope Microworks. Bravo & Je vous remercie.


Date 2/3/2017

I think stanhopes are wonderful! I plan on doing a lot of shopping on your site. It so nice that I can have my own photos made into stanhopes. I am already looking through my pics and can hardly wait to get started.


Date 2/7/2017

I had a cross with the Lord's Prayer inside when I was a little girl. It was lost and I've missed it ever since. So happy to see that you have so many old stanhope crosses. I'll finally be able to replace the one that meant so much to me.


Date 2/22/2017

Can your stanhopes be placed in violin Bows? I am a bowmaker in Germany and i have always wanted to put the stanhopes in my violin bows like the old makers did in the past. This is the first I have hear of them being made so I will be happy to purchase some. I would like to send to you a picture of myself in my workshop and to have my name put below with the year 2017. Aidan


Date 2/22/2017

Very Cool! I like your antiques and I'm glad someone has taken to doing this again. Sehr Schoen!

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