British Pound 160X Bullet Lens Reader & Microdot Concealment Spy Coin Case

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Complete Microdot Kit Concealed in a British Pound Coin includes a microdot and a specialized and rare bullet lens reader.
Part Number: SMW-BP1-HCKIT
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Hollow British One Pound coin has a specially designed "cavity" for storage of a bullet lens reader and a "well" to store microdots and films. Opening of the coin exposes both the microdot(s) and the 160x microdot reader lens. The lens has been specially designed to read microdots and is made to fit in the coin. It can be used to view dots as large as 2mm. Included is an ultra-high resolution microdot of a KGB cipher. The cipher contains over 1100 digits in less than 1 square millimeter.

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