Anheuser Busch Knife Restoration

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Need a stanhope repaired, restored or cleaned? Add value to your stanhope lens item.
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We specialize in accurate historic restoration of all styles of Anheuser-Busch corkscrew pocketknives from all eras. We use all original lens components whenever possible and our restorations are always imperceptible. Items without a stanhope are restored by installing a new stanhope lens and image. This lens is custom made to fit the knife and the proper image is selected and used. Knives containing lenses but no photograph are restored by removing the lens, cleaning it, mounting of a new photo and window as well as installation. Knives with un-viewable or obscured stanhope images are restored by removing all of the component parts and cleaning and remounting the stanhope before reinstalling it in the knife.
Select from the options above to tell us about your AB knife. Make sure you select from ALL option menus. Providing this information will assist us in preparing for your specific restoration. After selecting options, Click 'ADD TO CART'. You may (not required) upload images of your knife and/or type any additional information in the provided areas if you wish.

After completing your order, carefully pack your knife and send it insured to:

Stanhope MicroWorks
c/o Restoration Department
614 Apple Drive
Mechanicsburg, PA 17055 USA
Tel. 1.717.503.7100

Return time for AB knife lens restoration is 2 to 5 days from the date we receive it.

Need assistance in deciding which image is most suitable for your knife? See our FREE Stanhope Lens Restoration Inquiry before ordering.

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