Porcelain Bisque French Style Bru Fashion Doll with Rochard Stanhope Jeweled Necklace & Earrings

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Beautiful Porcelain Bisque Doll made in the 1867-1870 French style of E A Rochard.

Features 7 stanhope jewels in the necklace and a pair of stanhope earrings making a total of 9 stanhopes.
the stanhope images are very high high resolution, clear & crisp microphotos that depict various Victorian Religion, Lifestyle, & Doll themes 
Choose from clear or colored stanhope jewels and you may also choose to have the stanhopes made from your own favorite & cherished family photos to create a stunning keepsake that will last for centuries to come.

A Beautiful Fashion Doll Shoulder-head with Stanhope Jeweled Necklace made by stanhope Doll Artists Patricia Loveless and Michael Sheibley. One of only a few dolls made as salesman samples, This doll was most recently used to display Stanhope MicroWorks "Rochard Micro-photo Jewels" at the DAG (Doll Artisan Guild) Convention that was held this fall in Chattanooga TN. The talented dollmakers who attended gave this doll (and her jewels) very high praise. She has a lovely Victorian style, look and feel and features high quality blue paperweight glass eyes, nicely styled mohair wig, and pierced ears. The fine painting and detail of her serene and pensive looking face conveys as warm overall impression. Her most extraordinary features are the gold painted necklace and incorporated "Rochard Jewels" that adorn her breast-plate. There are 7 jewels in the necklace and each one contains a microphoto that is only noticeable if you hold your eye closely to the cabochon and peek inside. The microphotos are very clear and easy to see as they are automatically magnified about 150x. Even folks who use eye-glasses can easily see the microscopic photos with the naked eye while not wearing them. Such jewels are actually a variation of a type of stanhope lens that was invented about 1868 by A.E. Rochard for use in dolls and toys. Rochard only produced a few dolls (less than a dozen), and most of the surviving exemplar are in museums, so you can imagine how rare, sought-after and valuable Rochard dolls are today. Because this doll was a presentation sample, the lenses (Jewels) were not permanently installed. This was done so that when the doll does find a home, the doll owner can select from religious or Victorian Era Doll themed images from our (Stanhope MicroWorks) stock for the microphotos. As an alternative, one may also opt to have personal or favorite photos in the cross pendant jewels as well, but the customization cost is an additional $540. If this is your preference, just email your desired images. The lenses (jewels) shown in the images are clear or colorless like diamonds, but they can also be substituted with lenses of gemstone colors including blue, green, pink, purple and other colors and shades as well. There is no additional charge for colored jewels, just tell us what color you prefer. As mentioned earlier, her ears are pierced and we are including the earrings shown. They are a faux gold ormolu pave finish with dangling milky sky blue hand cut glass crystals. The earrings are also quite Victorian in style. The earrings also feature stanhopes that show microphotos of a "Victorian Era Cupid" and "Leda and the Swan" titled. The cupid image was made from an early CDV (carte de visite) and Leda & the Swan are from a painting housed in the Louvre Museum in Paris France. Both images are stunning in detail and clarity. If she were to have a body she would be about a 28" doll. The shoulderhead is about 7" wide by 5"from front to back and about 7" tall. Her head has a circumference that measures 13". All in all this doll boasts 9 stanhopes or various sizes including the earrings. (6 large and 1 small in the necklace, and 1 in each earring). The back of the shoulderplate has a window cut-out to allow for the necessary back-light in order to illuminate the tiny photo pictures in the lens jewels. This doll is the first of it's type to be made since those made by Rochard (1868-1875) and it is already rare, collectible, unusual, and an amazing conversation piece or addition to the right doll collection. This is a scarce opportunity to own an amazing doll that offers great character, intrigue and high investment value. There are no cracks, damage or any other flaws that can be noted. There are no identification marks. We will write a letter of provenance to the buyer if requested. To see the image selection for the microphotographic jewel choices, see our other listed jeweled doll.

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