Queen Founding Fathers 80th Anniversary Jack Knife

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Queen Founding Fathers 80th Anniversary Jack Knife
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80th Anniversary Commemorative 3 1/2" closed Jack knife, 420 HC (high carbon) Stainless spear blade, laser engraved with anniversary artwork & turn of the century Presto light key blade. Purple celluloid handles with Queen City logo, nickel silver bolster, & stanhope lens in the cap end. The tang stamp is unique on this knife as it sports today's "Queen Cutlery Co." on the back of the main blade & the early "Queen City" stamp on the front side. The Presto-light carriage lamp blade is also tang stamped with the older "Queen City" marking only. Many mistake this old style and rare blade for a skate key blade, but it's use is/was to adjust the wick and fuel for horse drawn and later horseless carriage lamps. Complete with hard shell display box including anniversary artwork. Limited Edition of only 500 pieces. Certificate of authenticity. The stanhope lens depicts an image of the original founders & factory. This pocketknife is surely one of tomorrows classics ........today!

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