24mm Scalloped Circle MK-VR Microdot Camera Film Disc Punch

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Punch the perfect 24mm diameter scalloped film disc for use in the CIA spy MK-VR and MK-!V microdot cameras. Also fits some KGB microdot cameras.
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24mm Scalloped Circle Film Punch for microdot cameras.

Use this punch to cut the perfect fitting film disc for your MK microdot camera. Each 24mm diameter disc holds 11 exposures or frames. The scalloped edge can be useful in setting the film in the camera by allowing the scallops to catch below the last thread and sit firmly on the frame plate. Durable enough to strike with a rawhide mallet. This is the punch we have mostly used for our photos and camera testing. It has held up well for nearly 1000 punches and though it seems to have dulled a bit since new, it is still functioning well. Each one is new but we test every one by punching a paper disc or two to make sure they work as expected.

For a Limited Time ORDER NOW! And we'll also send you the 24mm round punch absolutely free! While supplies last.

The punch was made by PB Quilling and is now a discontinued punch. We have searched out the remainder of these punches but when they are gone we will not be able to restock them. MK-VR microdot camera owners may want to consider purchasing a few to have on hand for the future.

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