Carved Edelweiss Flower Bookmark with Stanhope View of Rigi Kulm Switzerland

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Carved Edelweiss Flower Bookmark with Stanhope View of Rigi Kulm Switzerland
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This bookmark page holder is made of carved wood that is most probably Linden which is indigenous to Switzerland and other areas. It is a nicely hand-carved edelweiss flower with a stanhope lens in the flower center. The stanhope view is a single image that is titled "Rigi Kulm". The microphoto stanhope image depicts Mount Rigi and shows several train tracks with a pair of early locomotive trains running in tandem alongside the Hotel Rigi Kulm. The stanhope image would place this bookmark's time of manufacture sometime in the last quarter of the 19th century. It is in great condition and the stanhope is very clear and of the highest quality and it even retains what we believe to be it's original box. The box is embossed with a wheat leaf vignette design that is beautiful and tasteful. This bookmark was originally sold as high quality souvenir of the Hotel Rigi Kulm. The hotel is still regarded today for it's quality and opulence. When it first opened it was a summer hideaway resort known for it's scenic views and high quality service. The souvenirs we find from Rigi are always of the highest quality and vengefully sought by stanhope collectors today. Because the bookmarks were made of a rather soft hardwood, most often they are found damaged to a greater or lesser degree. This example is unusually well kept. The railway that flanks the hotel along the side of the mountain was the first mountain railway built in Europe and it opened in 1871. This is a fine piece for a Railroad or Stanhope collection and difficult to find in this condition.

Rigi Kulm is found in Lucerne Switzerland where the famous Lucerne Lion is Carved in the mountain rock. the history of the lion is a very intresting story and you can learn more about it and Rigi stanhope souvenirs by taking a look at our Rigi Stanhope Carved Lion Pipe currently listed for sale on our