Art Gallery George William Korn Pocketknife with Rotating Wheel 5 Stanhopes

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Extremely Rare Pocketknife with 5 rotating stanhopes depicting early actresses.
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Very Rare and collectible "Art Gallery" pocketknife made by George William Korn circa 1880-1919 features 5 risque images of early actresses or showgirls within a rotating wheel in the knife handle. This lobster pattern pocketknife is 3 5/16 inches long when closed and has two blades, one long (2-1/8") and one short (1-1/2"). Both blades show only slight wear, The blades are tight and have good snap and each is stamped KORNS' PATENT on the tang. The handles are imitation ivory and the front scale is engraved or embossed "ART GALLERY". The handles are in excellent condition as well with no cracks. the handle material is likely Parkesine or Galalith or some type of French Ivory. This knife contains 5 separate stanhopes in the handle, each showing an individual view of an early actress. Some (3) of the stanhope images are titled and others are not. The titled stanhopes include Lizzie Webster, Otero and Jaeger. The stanhopes are protected by a rotating nickel silver disc with a single hole in it. The disc rotates to reveal the stanhopes one at a time.

All G. W. Korn Pocketknives are considered rare and among the highest class of collectible pocketknives. This example is unknown to all knife sources at this point. It is original and authentic and in remarkable condition, making it a great piece for any pocketknife or stanhope collection.

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