Limited Edition Commemorative Houdini Viewer

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Limited Edition Commemorative Houdini Stanhope Viewer
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This collectible scope reminiscent of a tiny antique brass telescope commemorates a time in history that excites the magic and aviation world alike.  Commemorating the first flight in Australia by none other than famed magician Harry Houdini. It was on the morning of March 18, 1910 that Harry Houdini took to the skies making history for yet another time. On his third attempt of the morning he as able to maintain flight at one hundred feet and circle more than two miles, thus making his the first Australian flight. This lovely telescope embraces that moment capturing the view you would of had on that very same day of Houdini in his plane.  When you peep inside the mystical telescope, you reveal 2 tiny photo images that are as miraculous as the flight itself. They show Houdini seated in his airplane as well as in flight in the sky. The stanhope viewer comes in a gorgeous custom walnut case which has been etched with Houdini's autograph. Inside the case is an authentication seal that was made using Houdini's actual press. It all comes in a protective box and a numbered certificate of authenticity. Only 225 of the standard edition were made and only 25 of the deluxe edition. The deluxe edition Aviator-o-scope features a second Houdini scope in which the stanhope viewer shows a very nice shot of Houdini on the underside of his plane. For more information or to order the Deluxe Edition Aviator-o-Scope set,   Click here

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