Circa 1890 Stanhope Brown Plastic Bakelite Mechanical Propelling Pencil
Circa 1890 Stanhope Brown Plastic Bakelite Mechanical Propelling Pencil

1890's Silver-plate Mechanical Propelling Pencil Fob with Stanhope Lens

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This circa 1890's mechanical pencil is in excellent condition. It has been very well maintained, it works and functions as it should, and it even has it's retracting lead for writing. This stanhope propelling pencil is made of silver plated brass. The brown grip is paint that is in very good shape with just a few tiny chips and/or scratches. This stanhope pencil is only 2 1/2 inches long and has a jump ring at the top as it was designed for use as a fob or pendant during Victorian times. This was a practical way for men and women of the period to safely carry a pencil while out and about. The silver plating is well in tact even around the stanhope lens. The stanhope view is very clear and easy to see. The view shows 6 different images of Whitstable-on-Sea, a beach resort in the UK that is still quite popular today among vacationers & beach-goers. The stanhope image is titled "A Memory of Whitstable-on-Sea / McKee Dublin" and is also marked "Made in France" at the bottom. The 6 individual photos are titled, "Tankerton Beach", "The Harbour", "Tankerton Castle", "Tankerton Road", "The Parish Church" and "The Beach".

This stanhope mechanical propelling pencil is a nice collectible in fine condition and great working order.
We rec'd this item as part of a very fine stanhope estate collection. This stanhope had been part of the collection since February 1989.

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