Cat Charm Carved from Bog Oak Chichester Ireland
Cat Charm Carved from Bog Oak Chichester Ireland

Victorian Carved Black Bog Oak 'Kitty Cat' Stanhope Charm Pendant Antique Souvenir

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Antique Victorian Carved Black Bog Oak 'Kitty Cat' Charm Pendant Antique Blarney Stone Souvenir Stanhope with Six Views of Chichester Ireland
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Here's a cute little cat everyone can love. A very charming, collectible Victorian stanhope charm carved from bog oak, in the shape of black cat. The charm is carved in the likeness of a cat and there is a silvery head-pin eyelet on the top. It has pinkish purple crystal eyes that always seem to be staring at you. If you peer through the stanhope lens, which is mounted through the mid section or belly of this piece, you can see 6 tiny images of the cathedral city of Chichester in West Sussex England. The image is clear and easy to see. Please check out the image we took of the inside showing the stanhope view. The image is titled at the bottom "A MEMORY OF CHICHESTER" and the six individually titled photos include:

Cathedral Bell Tower, North Street
Int'r of Cathedral
The Reredos
The City Cross
The Cathedral
Trying to Kiss the Blarney Stone
Kissing the Blarney Stone

All in all the images and their order are a bit cute and humorous. This bog oak stanhope charm was made in the early to mid 1880's.

MEASUREMENTS: 21mm tall (not including the eyelet) x 10mm wide x 8mm thick. Weight - 1.2gr.


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