English Carnelian Agate Stanhope Book Pendant

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English Carnelian Agate Stanhope Book Pendant with view of Seaside Terrace Margate
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A fine & early carved English Banded Orange Carnelian Agate Book Pendant in excellent condition.
Wonderful quality stone carving and detail not found in many agate pieces of the time. The translucent stone boasts colors from milky white to earthy burnt orange and is beautifully polished. The stanhope shows a very nice single image of the sea and beach at Margate. The image is titled "Seaside Terrace Margate". The title is a hand-drawn. The image is very clear and of a high original quality. The back of the stanhope lens is coarsely chipped on the left side. This of course is original and common to some early stanhopes, especially those made in later years by Dagron Cie & a few other French manufacturers.

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