Vintage Carved Mother of Pearl & Sterling Dove with Stanhope

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Vintage Carved Mother of Pearl & Sterling Silver Peace Dove with Stanhope view of Santuario de Nasa de la Gleba
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Intricately carved mother of pearl stanhope flying Dove pendant could have also been a charm. The carving is skillfully done and very detailed. The stanhope finds itself mounted to the back or underside of the pendant within a sterling silver tube. The eyelet (and a jump ring) are found on the dove's tail and appear to be sterling, but we really aren't sure. The silver has a nice patina and there is some patina and dirt in the detail of the carving. This shows up well in the pictures but not to the naked eye. The stanhope view shows a double image that is religious in nature. The left image shows a building that looks like a church or monastery of Mediterranean style and it is titled "Santuario de NA SA de la Gleba". The right image shows the church-like inside of the building and a Saint praying over a white cow before a very decorated alter. The right image is titled "NA SA de la Gleba". The images are crystal clear and very easy to see even though the titles are some of the smallest and finest you will encounter in a stanhope lens.

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