Antique Stanhope Gold Gilt Knight on Horse Fob
Antique Stanhope Gold Gilt Knight on Horse Fob

19th Century Gold Gilt Stanhope Knight on a Horse Fob Pendant

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Victorian Gold Gilt "Knight on a Horse" Fob with Erotic Nude Girl Stanhope titled "The Coming Step"
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Immaculate in every way, this early stanhope fob pendant is as beautiful as the day it was made. The figural fob is a knight riding a horse. The knight carries a receptacle in the crook of his arm and this is the home of the stanhope lens. The stanhope image is a portrait of a young girl who's blouse is falling down. She has her hand over the top of her blouse as if she is reluctant to let it drop any further. The photo is titled THE COMING STEP. The microphoto is among the finest in quality that you will find, and though it is not marked or signed, we attribute it's manufacture to Rene Dagron of Paris. The stanhope mount is in the style of Dagron's patent for holding a stanhope.

This is a very fine early stanhope in near mint condition. It is very well made and extremely fine in it's detail. It's one of our all time favorite stanhopes.

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