Rare Gettysburg Civil War Watchfob stanhope
Rare Gettysburg Civil War Watchfob stanhope

Civil War Era Bullet Mini Ball Watch Fob Stanhope View of Jennie Wade Gettysburg

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Rare Civil War Watchfob Trinket Souvenir Stanhope Jennie Wade, Gettysburg, PA
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Civil War Era Bullet Mini Ball Watch Fob with Stanhope View of Jennie Wade Gettysburg

Rare watch fob stanhope souvenir from the Battle of Gettysburg is in very good condition. The brown leather belt-strap is still very supple with nice patina and the buckle has some surface pitting and rust over it's nickel silver plating. The strap measures about 4" long x 3/8" wide. The bullet is about a 54 cal. Civil War bullet of the pointed type. It hangs from the adjustable leather strap with a square metal bale that looks like bronze. The stanhope is through the center of the bullet. The stanhope shows a collage of images of Jennie Wade, her home (The Jennie Wade House), and her monument. The view is clear with some crackling on the outside edges but it is not near the photo and does not detract. The portrait of Jennie Wade is pictured in an oval frame at the top right. The Jennie Wade House is in the center and Jennie Wade Monument is along the left. Jennie Wade was the only civilian killed in the Battle of Gettysburg. She was a 20 yr old seamstress that was kneading dough in her kitchen when a rifle bullet pierced two doors and claimed her life. The image is titled

JENNIE WADE WITH HOME first title line below the images
AND MONUMENT    GETTYSBURG, PA second title line below the images

These fobs are extremely rare and this is only the second one we've seen like it. When we received it we checked our photographic records and discovered that this was not the same one we had sold 20 years prior. Also of extra interest is the microphoto of Jennie Wade. The layout is very similar to most that we have seen but it different. The title text and the script are different from other Jennie Wade Bullets we have seen. It is also not marked "Made in France". All of these factors taken into consideration lead us to believe that such watch-fobs are some of the earliest stanhope souvenirs to be sold in Gettysburg and likely date to the mid 1870's.

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