Stanhope Button Hook Pendant Retracts
Stanhope Button Hook Pendant Retracts

Shakespeare Stanhope Victorian Era Button Hook Retracting Pendant - 6 Views of Stratford on Avon

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Stanhope Victorian Era Button Hook Retracting Pendant features 6 Views of Stratford on Avon Including Shakespear's House, Monument, Theater and Ann Hathaway's Cottage
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Unusual Antique Victorian Retracting Stanhope Buttonhook Tool Pendant is Sterling plated and in fine aesthetic and working condition. It is as near to perfectly preserved as a stanhope can be. There is only the smallest amount of wear on the plating and it shows up in the photos better than to the naked eye. Both the Button-hook Tool and the stanhope are in tip-top shape so the view is naturally very clear with no bubbling or crackling. The souvenir peep buttonhook retracts easily and smoothly and the plating is still quite shiny and the textured embossed design is very crisp. This piece would be a highlight piece in  any sewing or stanhope collection. The stanhope shows six tiny views of Stratford-on- Avon and is titled in the center of the images in the normal fashion that McKee Dublin stanhopes are. The six stanhope miniature views are individually bordered and titled as well. It is also marked "Made in France".

The stanhope views are titled as follows: The main title is A Memory of Stratford-On-Avon / McKee Dublin

Shakespeare's House
The Holy Trinity
Shakespeare's Monument
The Fountain
Shakespeare's Memorial Theater
Ann Hathaway's Cottage

Made in France (lower right corner outside the border)

This is a beautiful, unusual and intriguing stanhope conversation piece that is sure to please. Measures about 2 3/8" long x 1/4" wide when retracted.

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