African Pickaninny Boy Stanhope Fob Charm Pendant Paris Expo 1900

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African Pickaninny Boy Stanhope Fob Pendant with view of Ceramic Palace from Exposition Universelle 1900
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This rare and perhaps unique African Pickaninny Boy Fob Pendant is made of steel or pot metal and partially enameled. It is in very nice condition but shows signs of wear. The pickaninny boy has yellow enamel pants worn through in the butt and waist areas slightly. The lips retain a great deal of their cherry red enamel. The whites of the eyes are also enameled. The piece shows wonderful patina and the stanhope view is quite clear and easy to see. Made in 1900 for sale at the World Expo in Paris. Perhaps politically incorrect for the times we live in now, it is a good memento of bygone times and a very rare piece as well. This is the only one we have ever seen. The single image showing the Ceramics Palace adds to it's collector appeal as the majority of stanhopes from that period show multi-views.
The stanhope photo shows the Palais de la Ceramique and is titles as follows:

Palais de la Ceramique
Exposition Universelle

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