Sterling Beau Stanhope Bible Charm
Sterling Beau Stanhope Bible Charm

Sterling Silver Stanhope Bible Charm by Beau - View of the Ten Commandments

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Sterling Silver Stanhope Bible Charm by Beau shows a View of the Ten Commandments
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Miniature Beau Sterling Silver Holy Bible charm pendant features a stanhope view of the Ten Commandments. The Beau sterling stanhope Bibles were mostly made in the 1950's and were later copied and reproduced by Wells and some other companies. The Wells charms are very high quality but the earlier Beau charms are much nicer, more elegant and very tastefully designed when compared to the "chunkier-looking" Wells Bible charms. This one shows signs of loving care and wear and has a nice original unpolished patina. On the binder of the book is a capital 'B' which is surrounded by the words Beau Sterling. The front cover is engraved or embossed with HOLY BIBLE and a nice design that sets it off a bit but not too much. The pages along the sides of the good book are very nicely represented. A peep in the front center of the bible shows THE TEN COMMANDMENTS on two tablets. The entire image is very clear and easy to see but it is a turned a bit counterclockwise from vertical. There is also a small original air bubble inclusion in the  image but it doesn't really detract or make it difficult to see in any way. It is marked "Made in France" along the right side. It retains two sterling jump rings that were originally used for attachment to a charm bracelet. Priced condition appropriate.

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