Walter Lampl NY Stanhope House Charm Pendant
Walter Lampl NY Stanhope House Charm Pendant

Vintage Sterling Silver House Charm - God Bless Our Home

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Sterling Silver House Charm designed by Walter Lampl - God Bless Our Home
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This Sterling silver house charm made in the 1950's by Walter Lampl. Lampl was one of New York's most well known jewelers have designed several jewelry pieces to be sold by vendors at various World Fairs and Expos. What really makes this simple charm so interesting is it's method of manufacture. Rather than being cast as most charms are, this one has been stamped and crimped and folded from a sterling silver sheet. The front door has even been crimped in the "cracked open" position. This house charm is in excellent condition and is complete with silver jump ring. The charm itself is marked "Sterling" on the bottom. The Stanhope is found in the gable and shows an image titled "GOD BLESS OUR HOME" . The image is and shows an illustration of a babies face flanked by flowers on each side. It is in a frame with a border and marked "Made in France" along the right side. It is a beautiful and interesting image that is easy to see. There is some slight bubbling along the left side but it does not detract much. General stanhope rating: 8/10

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