14k Gold Stanhope Microcharm
14k Gold Stanhope Microcharm

14k Yellow Gold Custom Image Stanhope Charm

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14k Gold Custom Image Barrel Charm
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Custom Image Stanhope Barrel Charm
Create your own keepsake with a 14k yellow gold barrel charm. This charm holds an ultra-high resolution microphoto made using the image of your choice. You can even have your own title added to further personalize your keepsake. Great Gift idea that will be cherished & remembered forever.

IMAGE SUGGESTIONS: You may use any photograph, graphic, text, or artwork, (Color or B/W) Digital images should be in jpg, psd, tiff, or bmp format.
Size examples: If the longest side of the image measures less than 2" the resolution should be in the range of 300-600dpi. Images that are larger than 2" are adequate at 150-300dpi. An image that is more than 8" in length is suitable at 72dpi. Selecting a high quality image that is clear and sharp is recommended. You may add a caption to your image if desired.

Ordering Information
Upload your image in the 'Upload Picture File' area. Add a title or caption if desired. You can also add a note with any special instructions, (ex. crop photo...) requests and other concerns.
NOTE: Titles should be a maximum of 24 characters if possible. You may use more if necessary. Be sure that all punctuation and capitalization are as you desire.

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Custom Made Item - Usually Ships Within 5 Days
Custom Made Item - Usually Ships Within 5 Days