Blanke Tea & Coffee Stanhope Knife St. Louis circa 1900

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Blanke Tea & Coffee Knife St. Louis circa 1900
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This beautiful silver handled champaigne pattern pocketknife is in very nice condition. The blades have been sharpened a good bit but it is obvious that care was taken during sharpening. The front side of the handle is embossed with "BLANKE'S COFFEE" & "FAUST BLEND & EXPOSITION BRAND" while the back side reads "C.F. BLANKE TEA & COFFEE CO."
The stanhope is a wonderfully restored image of Mr. Blanke himself on horseback and sporting full riding regalia. It is a very stunning image and is comparable in quality to the best Anheuser Busch images showing Adolphus when he was younger. This knive was produced about 1900 and has a large & a small blade (both smaller due to sharpening - see large image) as well as a rare double helix corkscrew. Both of the knife blades are stamped on the tangs "C.F.BLANKE TEA & COFFEE CO." The closed length is approximately 3 1/4".

C.F.Blanke & Adolphus Busch were related through marriage of their children. It is probable that Adolphus ordered these knives for Blanke in Germany as he made the transatlantic trip almost yearly.

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