Early Green Celluloid Leg Pocketknife with Nude View

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Green Celluloid Leg Stanhope Pocketknife with Nude Stanhope Viewer
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This very old figural leg with metal boot pocketknife was made in USA about 1900. The handles are made of mottled green celluloid and are in very good condition. There is one small crack in the celluloid on one side near the blade pin but none is missing. It has one carbon steel spear point blade that is slightly tipped. The blade has a long pull that is commonly found on these vintage pattern knives. Please see the photos. The tang is stamped "CLARKS XLT CUTLERY". There have been no repairs made to this knife nor has it been cleaned, but rather left in it's original state. The boot bolster is nickel or German silver. The stanhope peep lens that shows a microscopic photos of a hot nude woman in a quite compromising position. She is posed bent over a draped bar stool or something similar. This one has something for every taste as you can see naked breast and butt. The image is clear and original. It's a nice little knife in general good condition about 2 & 3/4" inches long when closed. The liners are brass.

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