Buffalo Horn Eiffel Tower Pocketknife

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Buffalo Horn Eiffel Tower Stanhope Pocketknife
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This very old eiffel tower figural pocketknife was made in France sometime in the late 19th century. The handles are made of pressed buffalo horn and are quite finely detailed. It has one carbon steel spear point blade. The blade has been sharpened and is somewhat pitted & has a bit of thin surface rust near the kick. This can all be seen in the photos better than on the actual knife. The blade pulls out firmly at first but becomes a bit loose when open. The tang is stamped "DEPOSE". There have been no repairs made to this knife nor has it been cleaned, but rather left in it's original state. The top of the tower is capped by a nickel or German silver bolster. The bolster is pinned with copper and the lower hole is a stanhope peep lens that shows a series of microscopic photos of buildings in France, rather Paris to be exact. There are four tiny photos in all including "Arc de Triomph; Nouvel Opera; La Madelein;" & the 4th picture is difficult for me to read but depicts a cylindrical tall tower (sorry, i should know this). The entire is titled "PARIS" at the top and "Made in France" at the bottom. It's a nice little knife in general good condition about 3 inches long.

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