Early Anheuser Busch Pearl Knife circa 1890-1900

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Circa 1890-1900 Anheuser Busch Stanhope Pearl Pocketknife
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Early and rare four blade Anheuser Busch pocket knife with mother of pearl handles & backspring cover. "Anheuser-Busch" is engraved into the front handle and is attractively accented with black. It's four blades consist of a main spearpoint blade, pen blade, old style manicure blade and a second pen blade (broken). Each blade is tang stamped "ANHEUSER-BUSCH / MADE IN GERMANY" and each has a long pull. It has German silver file worked liners & pins. One of the blade pins is actually a tube and houses the stanhope lens showing a portrait of budweiser founder Adolphus Busch. The image is very clear and easy to see. Another seldom feature is the mother of pearl scale that covers the backspring of this 2 7/8" (closed) long pocketknife. It is obviously not the traditional champagne pattern that one generally finds, but it's rather a lady or gentlemen type knife. The fragile pearl handles have been broken at 3 of the 4 ends & the front scale is cracked at the center. The blades are in good general condition but have minor oxidation and wear. They have been sharpened but not molested. The condition is common for a knife that is over 100 years old.

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