Gold Plated San Francisco Stanhope Cable Car

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Gold Plated San Francisco Stanhope Cable Car
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This Gold Plated cable car charm is very unique in that as you move the wheels, the driver nods forewards and backwards. It is very intricate in its design. One side of this charm shows the words "CABLE CAR" and the other side shows "SHBF" (for San Francisco and Hyde & Beach - see history excerpt below). It's length is 3/4", about 1/8" smaller than it's sterling silver counterpart. Although some plating has worn off (mainly the roof), this antique souvenir stanhope charm is in very good condition.

Image description:
This is one of the more common images that you will find in San Francisco items and it is in remarkable pristine condition. It is entitled "GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE" and shows an image of the Golden Gate Bridge.


1957 December - All the current lines were now running after the installation of a new turntable at Hyde and Beach Streets so the single-ended Powell Street cars could turn around and all the cables were linked to the Washington-Mason powerhouse
1964 Oct. 1 - Official ceremony at Hyde and Beach designated San Francisco's cable car system a special "moving" National Historic Landmark