Carved Bone Atlantic City Stanhope Dip Pen

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Carved Bone Atlantic City Stanhope Dip Pen
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This dip pen/letter opener unscrews into 2 pieces to reveal a lead pencil. The handle is carved and turned bone with a symmetric elaborate hole design. A souvenir of Atlantic City, a stanhope lens housed in the handle magnifies a microphotograph of the bustling boardwalk in the days of straw hats and ankle length dresses with great clarity. Overall, the condition of this souvenir stanhope dip pen/lead pencil/letter opener item is very good. The metal of the dip pen has a black patina and the bone handle has two hair line cracks where the pencil was over tightened, taking little from the value of this writing implement from the late 19th, early 20th centuries.


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