Rare Civil War Bullet Stanhope - Abraham Lincoln
Rare Civil War Bullet Stanhope - Abraham Lincoln

Antique Civil War Bullet Stanhope View of the Lincoln Gettysburg Address

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RARE IMAGE Antique Civil War Bullet Stanhope View of the Lincoln Gettysburg Address
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This antique stanhope Civil War commemorative bullet depicts a very rare single view of President Abraham Lincoln's famous Gettysburg Address along with a portrait of Lincoln in a shield of stars and stripes. After the Battle of Gettysburg, some of the left over bullets were used to make these stanhope souvenirs. Most common are bullets of the .56 -.58 cal. pointed type. This example is a smaller .45 caliber pointed 2 ring type and was likely fired from a revolver. The tip has been damaged, either through firing or it may have been damaged by heavy artillery equipment or a horse on the battlefield. The image is very nice and clear and easy to see and if you take the time and hold it just right you can read every word of Lincoln's Gettysburg Address. We took great care in restoring the stanhope which had been previously indiscernible. The view is titled THE GETTYSBURG ADDRESS / DELIVERED BY ABRAHAM LINCOLN NOV 19, 1863 / AT THE DEDICATION SERVICES ON THE BATTLE FIELD. It's also marked MADE IN FRANCE along the right side toward the bottom.

Stanhope bullets were made shortly after the Civil War when Gettysburg instantly became a popular town that has survived since from tourism. Shortly after the end of the Civil War, bullets were gathered up from the battlefield &  stanhope lenses (complete with a variety of images) were ordered from a French manufacturer. The lenses were then locally installed by sutlers and tourist shops who often employed those disabled during the battle. The bullet exhibits nice patina and a good clear view. A prized item for civil war collectors and enthusiasts as well as stanhope collectors.

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