Stanhope Advertising Pocket Knife
Stanhope Advertising Pocket Knife

1958 Anheuser Busch Corkscrew Advertising Pocketknife

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Stanhope Peep 1958 Adolphus Busch Bartender Corkscrew Advertising Pocketknife
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1958 Anheuser Busch Bartender Corkscrew Pocketknife with Stanhope Lens View Showing Adolphus Busch

Considerably Rare Anheuser Busch Beer Red & Black Acrylic Bartender Champagne Opener Pocketknife features a long and short blade, a wire cutter and a corkscrew. The stanhope peephole shows the King of Beers himself, Adolphus Busch. It is titled "Adolphus Busch". Certainly to be a prize piece in any pocketknife, corkscrew, or brewery collection.

The pocketknife is similar in it's design to earlier Anheuser-Busch advertising pocketknives. It is closely styled to previous 20th century red & black enamel versions having stainless steel blades and made by Kastor & Sons and later Schrade. The knife is a champagne or bartender pattern pocketknife with a stanhope peephole lens in the handle. The scales or handles are clear acrylic over red and black enamel which is housed and adorned in gold (plated or washed and probably over brass) metal. The enamel is most likely paint or mastic enamel rather than the typical cloisonne or colored glass found on most AB knives. It is opaque and lacks the fire of earlier Anheuser-Busch enameled knives. The blades, of which there are four, are of stainless steel. They include both a small and a large knife blade as well as a cap-lifter and corkscrew. The pulls are wider than usual but of the "thin-pull" design. The cap-lifter is serrated. The corkscrew is of the single helix style and gold plated. There is a tang stamp on the small blade only, STAINLESS / MADE IN / GERMANY. The back-springs are split and tapered. The 3 brass pins used to hold the scales have become oxidized and green over time. All of the blades are tight and function well. Pictured in the peephole is an older looking Adolphus Busch. The stanhope in general is inferior in it's photographic quality to earlier versions but none the less visually appealing. In a few examples there was noticeable deterioration of the stanhope and typical crackling and bubbling can be seen. Interesting to note is that the stanhope is oriented backwards in the knife. Instead of looking into the side with Adolphus Busch on the handle to see Mr. Busch, you look through the logo side (back of the knife) to see the image. This is the case on all examples. It is my opinion that these knives are all new in their original leather pouches and packaged in typical Anheuser-Busch white and gold embossed boxes. They are "new-old-stock" of the Anheuser-Busch Brewing Co. St. Louis, MO, made about 1958, and are in perfect mint condition as they came from the manufacturer.

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