Confederate Civil War .44 Cal Colt Revolver Bullet
Confederate Civil War .44 Cal Colt Revolver Bullet

RARE Civil War Bullet with Gettysburg Address Stanhope

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RARE Civil War Bullet - Lincolns Gettysburg Address- Gettysburg PA
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This antique stanhope civil war commemorative bullet shows Abraham Lincoln giving the Gettysburg Address.The view is titled LINCOLN DELIVERING THE GETTYSBURG ADDRESS NOV 19, 1863 under the picture. It's also marked MADE IN FRANCE along the right side. After the battle at Gettysburg PA ended, some of the bullets that were gathered &  picked up on the battlefield were made into these commemorative bullets. They were sold to tourists as souvenirs from about 1870 - 1930 or so. Most often you find stanhope bullets that are Union Army 54 - 58 cal. rifle bullets with a rounded point or nose. This bullet is very different from most because it's a smaller .44 caliber Confederate Colt revolver bullet. The stanhope peep views in most bullets are usually multi-views that show three images of battlefield locations or monuments like those of Virginia & Pennsylvania.  This view is rare it is a single image depicting Abraham Lincoln standing on a wooden stage while delivering his famous Address to a gathered crowd of people. The stanhope is amazingly clear and bold offering a view that's easy to  see and read. This is the only time we have ever documented this image.

This artifact is 100% original condition and was made in the late 1800's to early 1900's. It has a lot of character and nice patina and is an excellent example of an extremely rare stanhope bullet. Please see the image gallery above to see all of the pictures of this artifact.

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