Less Common Musket Ball type stanhope bullet
Less Common Musket Ball type stanhope bullet

RARE Civil War Bullet - Abraham Lincoln Gettysburg Address

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Very Rare Stanhope Civil War Bullet showing Lincoln and the Gettysburg Address.s
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This original stanhope civil war mini-ball bullet shows President Abraham Lincoln and his famous Gettysburg Address. The image found in this example is extremely rare and it's the only one we have ever seen in a Gettysburg stanhope bullet or any other stanhope item. This view displays the Gettysburg Address and Abraham Lincoln above it. Lincoln's portrait is pictured between two American flags. There are captions on either side of Lincoln. The left caption reads " LINCOLN'S ADDRESS" and on the right you can read "DELIVERED AT GETTYSBURG PA, Nov 19, 1863". It is also marked "MADE IN FRANCE" along the right of the image.  Adding to the exclusivity of this bullet is it's shape or form. It is an earlier "musket ball type" whereas most stanhope bullets are of the more traditional pointed sort. This one is in superb condition with nice patina. The image is clear and easy to see. We were even able to read. The Gettysburg stanhope bullets were sold exclusively in a few tourist shops around the Gettysburg area from about 1870 - 1930. This is an excellent example of a rare stanhope item making this a great addition to even the finest Civil War or stanhope collection.

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