Rare Civil War Stanhope Musketball
Rare Civil War Stanhope Musketball

Civil War Bullet - Rare Gettysburg Jennie Wade Stanhope Peep

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Civil War Bullet with Jennie Wade stanhope view
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This original stanhope civil war commemorative bullet shows a single view of the Jennie Wade house. The view also includes an inset portrait of Jennie Wade herself. The image is titled JENNIE WADE HOUSE AND MONUMENT GETTYSBURG PA beneath the photo and it is marked MADE IN FRANCE along the right side.

The bullet is one of the rarer "musketball type" rather than the .54 & .58 caliber nosed variety which are more commonly found. This mini-ball bullet is in very good condition with nice patina. The stanhope image is very clear and could be described as pristine. It's certainly one of the finest we've seen. Jenny Wade images are among the most seldom to be found as stanhope bullets. Most stanhope bullets show multiple scenes of places where skirmishes, battles and charges took place. The bullets were made locally using French made stanhopes and sold as tourist souvenirs commemorating the battle. This is an excellent example of a rare Gettysburg Battle stanhope and would make a wonderful addition to even the finest Civil War of stanhope collection.

About Jennie Wade & the Jennie Wade House:- Twenty year old Jennie Wade (Mary Virginia Wade) was the only civilian to be killed during the battle of Gettysburg. Jennie was baking bread for the Union soldiers at her sister Georgia McClellan's house when she was killed. That house is now known as the Jennie Wade House. At the time, the house was located in an area that was "unclaimed" by either Union or Confederate troops and was found in the middle of a battle between North & South. During that battle on July 3rd, 1863, over 150 shells hit the house. One of those fateful bullets screamed through the house door and a drop leaf table that was used as a barricade. It then traveled on to strike and kill Jennie.

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